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Kathaa – Trailer

Posted on 27th April, 2015 by biku - 11,921 views  

Nepali Movie:Kathaa [कथा]
Presented by: Dreamstream Ent
Casts: Saugaat Malla, Usha Rajak, Timothy Rai
Director: Prashant Rasaily »

Suraak – सुराक

Posted on 27th April, 2015 by Rabin Gurung - 13,131 views  

Nepali Movie: Suraaq [सुराक]
Presented by: Maotse Gurung Flims
Casts: Som,Asmi,Niraj,Rajani,Laxmi And Puja etc
Director: Maotse Gurung »

Nabole Ni Hasi Rakhana – Trailer

Posted on 26th April, 2015 by biku - 14,714 views  

Nepali Movie: Nabole Ni Hasi Rakhana [नबोले नि हाँसिराखन]
Presented by: Non-Stop Creation Pvt.Ltd
Casts: Nikhil Uprety, Laxmi Giri, Shanti Giri, Richa Singh Thakuri
Director: Sarad K.C »


Posted on 26th April, 2015 by biku - 3,708 views  

Nepali Movie: Chhadke [छड्के]
Casts: Saugat Malla, Namrata Shrestha, Arpan Thapa, Daya Hang Rai, Prateek Raj Neupane and Sunil Pokhrel
Director: Nigam Shrestha »

Tulsi – Trailer

Posted on 25th April, 2015 by biku - 7,138 views  

Nepali Movie: Tulsi [तुल्सि]
Presented by: World Wide Movie Makers Pvt. Ltd
Casts: Richa Ghimire, Bimlesh Adhikari, Aayush Rijal, Bishnu Sapkota and Pushkar Bhatta
Director: Shankar Ghimire »

Hello Prakiti – Trailer

Posted on 25th April, 2015 by biku - 3,579 views  

Nepali Movie: Hello Prakiti [हेल्लो प्रकिति]
Presented by: Dristy Production
Casts: Anil Thapa and Sumina Ghimire
Director: sunil pandey »

Malati Ko Bhatti – मालतीको भट्टि

Posted on 24th April, 2015 by Rabin Gurung - 11,600 views  

Nepali Movie: Malati Ko Bhatti [मालतीको भट्टि]
Presented by: Brother’s Entertainment – Kabil Films P. Ltd.
Cast: Rekha Thapa, Jivan Luitel, Nandita KC, Ayub KC and Sunil Thapa
Director: Ganesh Dev Pandeyh »