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Muskan ~ मुस्कान

Posted on 31st October, 2014 by admin - 9,092 views  

Nepali Movie: Muskan [मुस्कान]
Presented by: Raj Shree Film Production – Raju Shah
Cast: Dilip Rayamajhi, Bipana Thapa, Sushil Chettri, Sunil Thapa and Sushila Rayamajhi
Director: Yub Raj Lama »


Posted on 30th October, 2014 by biku - 2,246 views  

Nepali Movie: Dasdhunga [दासढुङगा]
Casts: Anup Baral, Sanchita Luitel, Dayahang Rai, BS Rana, Bishow Basnet
Director: Manoj Pandit »


Posted on 30th October, 2014 by biku - 1,725 views  

Nepali Movie: Namaste [नमस्ते]
Presented by: Tirthabhakta Vision Pvt. Ltd
Casts: Dilip Rayamajhi, Kiran KC, Sonia KC, Sushil Pokharel, Gopal Dhakal ‘Chande’, Ranjita Lama, Kalpana Shahi
Director: Bijaya Bikram Basnet »

OM – Trailer

Posted on 29th October, 2014 by biku - 3,655 views  

Nepali Movie: OM [ॐ]
Presented by: K.R Entertainment
Casts: Suman Singh, Jharana Thapa, Dikchhya Kuwara and Milan Joshi
Director: Ramji Lamichhane »

My Life – Trailer

Posted on 29th October, 2014 by biku - 4,934 views  

Nepali Movie: My Life [माई लाइफ]
Presented by: The Unlimited Dreams Pvt. Ltd
Casts: Jharna Thapa, Sneha Sharma, Milan and Ayub KC
Director: Jeewan Rashaili »

Naya Pidhi

Posted on 28th October, 2014 by biku - 1,897 views  

Nepali Movie: Naya Pidhi [नयाँ पिढि]
Presented by: R.B Singh Entertainments
Casts: Shree Dev Bhattarai, Anu Shah, Mamata Pradhan, Bikram Tamang and Keshav Bhattarai
Director: Bhabindra Tamang »

Malai Man Paryo – Trailer

Posted on 28th October, 2014 by biku - 5,730 views  

Nepali Movie: Malai Man Paryo [मलाई मन पर्यो]
Presented by: Rameshjung Rayamajhi
Casts: Niruta Singh, Jivan Luitel and Raj Ballav
Director: Bhadra Bhujel »